At Last, The Secret To commercial playground equipment Is Revealed

Into a nightmare so my recommendation is to buy a quality set with pre-drilled wood so for number six we rotated the camera and we’re going to give you a nice look at the Freedom Tower I’m adjusting so number six in the top seven.

Things that make up a quality swing set are the warranty there’s no reason why these cedar swings that should not have anything less than a ten year warranty in a quality swing set you have at least a year warranty on the wood and at least a one-year warranty on the parts to years is pretty standard for cedar anything less.

I wouldn’t go with for quality premium wood such as premium preserved pine or redwood I recommend no less than a lifetime warranty these top notch quality sets you pay a little bit extra for them it’s worth it in my opinion but they should come with at least a lifetime warranty and a two-year warranty on parts and accessories and number seven finally in the top seven.

Things that make up a quality wooden swing set the price in my opinion a quality wooden swing set is going to be at least fifteen hundred dollars that doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice swing set for under $ it just means if you want all seven of these qualities they’re going to start at around fifteen hundred dollars and that’s a wrap.

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